Doll-Making Classes

You can make your own dolls & bears!

Sign up for classes to learn from scratch how to make dolls or bears of your very own.  We offer step by step insturction and provide a working area for you.  Bring a friend and sign up now.  See photos in the "Gallery" of porcelian dolls made in our shop.


Let your creativity run wild!

We have many moulds to choose from, or you can even sculpt your own! There's nothing that says "family treaure" like a doll or bear you've made yourself!


Has your doll seen better days? Did the kids play baseball in the house again, next to your mother's porcelain doll? Did the dog take a liking to your favorite bear from when you were little? We can help!


Mary Watts specializes in repair and restoration. Whether it's been shattered, torn, or thrown in the mud (again), we can make your precious doll look like new again. Just give us a call to tell us the details and ask for a quote. We'll do everything we can to help!

Doll & Bear Repair & Restoration

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